Area of Expertise

Translation of Legal Documents


Translation of Legal Documents

Translating legal documents from one language into another is an extremely delicate process where a single misinterpretation can distort the sense of the entire document and lead to several misinterpretations. Fully aware of the stakes, ExpertVersions provides tailored translation services for all sorts of legal and business documents. Our team of translators couple their professional experience with that of our lawyers to provide top-notch translation services. Over the years, we have acquired experience translating the following types of documents;

Constative & Operational Corporate Documents

We have acquired experience required for translating the following types of constitutive and operational documents on behalf of our corporate clients.
  • Administrative and Incorporation Documents
  • Minutes of BOD meetings and other meetings
  • Contracts , MOUs and all sorts of Agreements
  • Official Correspondences, Statements and letters
  • Monthly, Annual and Specialized Management Reports
  • Legal Research and other Reports
  • Employment Letters, Employment Contracts and Payslips
  • Purchase Agreements , Purchase Orders & Sales contracts
  • Terms of use and directories
  • Conference and seminar Reports

Arbitration, Litigation & Court Pocedural Documents

Our years of work across African Jurisdictions has enabled us work on several arbitration, litigation and court procedural documents including but not limited to the following:
  • Writs, and Court Orders
  • Witness Statements & Depositions
  • Expert Opinions
  • Court Rulings
  • Submissions and Memorandums
  • Arbitral Awards
  • Exequaturs
  • Court orders Resolutions
  • Administrative Sub-Subpoenas

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