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Translation of Laws & Regulations


Translation of Laws & Regulations

Translating Laws and other regulatory instruments requires precision and extreme caution due to the fact that any wrong translation could have an adverse effect on the interpretation given to such texts by the reader. Expert Version’s team has amassed experience working with translating regulatory instruments from French to English and vice versa. Our lawyers and translators work periodically for the Cameroonian legislative institutions, the African Union and NGOs across Africa. We work tirelessly to ensure that the appropriate legal terminologies used in the works we reproduce clearly reflect that which is used in the legal systems or jurisdiction concerned. We have a team experienced in translating the following types of Laws & Regulatory instruments;

Municipal Laws and Regulatory Instruments

We work with individual clients, corporations and NGOs to translate the content of local laws and legislative instruments in a bid to facilitate communications. Our team can assist clients translate the following documents ;
  • National Laws & legislative acts
  • Presidential Decrees and Executive Acts
  • Ministerial decrees and Order
  • Ministerial Directives
  • Administrative decisions & Proclamations
  • Policy Statements
  • Licenses and Concession Agreements

Bilateral Treaties and Multilateral Instruments

We provide specific translation solutions for clients who require translation services for international agreements or documents. We possess the necessary expertise and experience to translate bilateral and multilateral agreements  such as ;
  • International Conventions & Treaties
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • NGO Publications and Reports
  • Trade Related Agreements
  • Bilateral Investment treaties
  • Uniform Acts & Harmonised texts
  • Regional and Sub Regional Agreements

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