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English/ French Language Training


English/ French Language Training

At Expert Versions, we have elaborated English/ French Language Training Programs for CEOs tailored to meet the needs of modern business and professional life. Our Effective language training gives unilingual CEOs and corporate executives the opportunity to develop a wide range of language and communication skills. Conscious of how busy our clients may be, we have crafted our solutions to fit their exact language needs ensuring that courses are delivered at their convenience. Expert Versions offers a variety of language training services built around a needs-based training methodology. Each training program is tailored to fit the individual needs of learners. Our programs are designed specifically for professionals who desire to acquire and improve on their language and communication skills as well as acquire international clients with different linguistic backgrounds. Following an initial assessment, the program is focused on the quick development of language skills for general daily use and specific to the learner’s field of business. This program provides an intensive learning experience, immersing the learner in the target language in a stimulating and comprehensive format. Our know-how, proprietary technology, in-house training coordinators and extensive network of trainers allow us to provide quality, individualized language training programs virtually anywhere in the world. Each language course at Expert Versions is delivered by professional, experienced trainers to give you the skills you need to meet the growing demand for multilingual service across all communication channels and help you achieve your corporate objectives.

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