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We provide language and business communication solutions in languages that dominate business activity across Africa’

Eunice WAFO – Translation & Content Director

Over the years, we have observed that a majority of companies operating across multilingual and multicultural markets within the African Continent are not always in possession of the appropriate resources necessary to facilitate their business communications. Hence, we have put together a team of committed professionals with a knack for providing clear-cut language and business communication solutions for corporate Africa.

Today, we provide translation, interpretation and content marketing services in languages that dominate business activity across Africa and serve companies located across several geographical markets in Africa.



Expert Versions’ French Team is made of highly qualified French language professionals and lawyers with expertise and experience working in French speaking jurisdiction across West & Central Africa.


Our team of linguists, translators and content writers have proven their worth in providing key services in the English Language which is an official language in ​ more than 23 African countries.


Our translators and content writers have proven experience in Spanish and master the specificities of languages ​​between different regional and geographical dialects.


We possess the skills and experience to translate effectively, both complex and technical documents from French / English into German and vice versa.

ARE tailored to bridge the language gap in Africa

Effective Language Tools

To provide the quality of work our clients deserve, we combine our team’s talent with a wide scope of classical and innovative language tools. Below is a demonstrative list of the kind of tools we use to do good work for our clients;

Talent & Experience

Our primary resource is our people and talent. We strongly believe that the ability to communicate effectively is a talent which is interchangeable to nothing. That is why, we have put together a talented and well trained team to enable us execute our mission.


Dictionaries are known to be the most valuable and classical resource that lists the words of a language to give their meaning, or gives the equivalent words in a different language, often also providing information about pronunciation, origin, and usage. Expert Versions has acquired a good number of book and online dictionaries to boost our ability to properly serve our clients.

Software & Online Resources

As a tech savvy firm, we are accustomed to modern technological developments which facilitate the manner in which content is generated or translated. When necessary, we implore language software, programming language processors as well as converters, thesauruses other online resources to do good work for our clients.

We provide language and business communication solutions in languages that dominate business activity across Africa

Eunice WAFO - Project Manager, Translation & Content.

Providing innovative solutions aimed at ameliorating the state of business communications for companies operating in key African markets.